Benefits of Cellar Doors

Benefits of Cellar Doors

Having a steel basement hatch door installed at your location can provide some major benefits, and it’s worth your while to consider having one put in at your business. These bulkhead doors generally swing open from the ground, and they are extremely popular in the northeast section of this country, where they were historically used to provide the main entrance to quite a few buildings.

While they have lost their function as the primary entrance over time, they still definitely have a place for your building and are worth considering on your next renovation project. Usually, when you swing your basement hatch door open from the ground, it leads to an interior stairwell which goes down into the basement, and you may want to install some stair railings and some basement steps to facilitate entry to the basement of your commercial building. Here are some reasons why you should give serious thought to having a steel basement hatch door installed.

Durability and Cost of Cellar Doors

These types of doors are constructed in the sturdiest way possible, which means you can expect them to last for a very long period of time. They also don’t require much maintenance, and they will provide an airtight seal that retains all conditioned air inside the building. This will help save on utility bills, and will allow your HVAC system to work much less strenuously to keep interior air comfortable.

Cellar Door Security

If you have an old basement door already installed at your location, it’s a pretty inviting target for criminals to break into, so they can victimize your building. A new steel basement hatch door will come equipped with a solid lock technology that will deter the criminal-minded, and which will help to keep all your interior valuables as well as household members, safe from attack.

Weather Resistant of Steel Basement Doors

Whatever your geographic location might be, a steel basement hatch door will be able to provide tremendous resistance to any weather conditions you might be subject to. These doors can be installed in a way that seals them completely, so they will not be damaged by high rains or even flooding if that should occur. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens outside, your steel basement hatch door will come through the weather condition just fine.

Safety of Steel Hatch Doors

In some areas, building codes require that basements have a quick and convenient exit point in the case of some kind of emergency. Because a basement hatch door opens outward, it will provide the fastest possible escape route from your basement, should a fire or other emergency break out in your business.

Cellar Door Aesthetics

These types of doors are normally highly functional, but they are also pleasing to the eye. A brand-new steel basement hatch door can provide solid curb appeal to your buildings’s exterior, and they can also be quite stylish. Depending on the type of door you have installed, it can really spruce up your buildings exterior.

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