Steel Fabricators Serving Queens, New York

Steel Fabrication Shops - Queens, New YorkAre you an industrial or commercial business in Queens seeking a steel fabricator that specializes in commercial steel fabrication and installation? You’ve just found the perfect shop. Steel Masters has been providing premium steel fabrication services to commercial and industrial customers since 1972. From custom metal fabrication of steel staircases, to trash can / garbage bin enclosures, to sidewalk cellar doors & hatches, to steel security cages and much more. The Steel Masters team of welders & steel fabricators are among the best in the industry and ensure every project is executed to perfection. Our steel fabrication shop serves many businesses in and around Queens, NYWe also serve customers throughout the state of New York. Steelmasters is your go-to-source for miscellaneous commercial steel and iron fabrications of every kind. We professionally weld and manufacture iron and steel to meet your custom specifications for any application.  You can count on us for quality metal work that exceeds your expectations.

sidewalk cellar diamond plated
Sidewalk Cellar Doors
exterior metal stairs with open tread diamond plate fully welded steel steps and solid railings.
Outdoor Steel Staircases
Economaster bing citibin
Economaster Trash Bins
Commercial industrial trash-bins
Heavy Duty Commercial / Industrial Garbage Bin Enclosures
Interior metal staircases cover
Indoor Metal Fireproof Staircases
Waterproof sloped door
Waterproof Sloped Cellar Doors
structual steel beam bracing
Structural Steel Alterations
mechanical rooftop dunnage
Roof Dunnage and Catwalks
fixed roof access ladder steel secure
Fixed Roof and Ships Ladders
Welded steel roofrails code
Roof Railings and Fences
Solid steel bar 8 defender fence. Mounted on tubes steel posts with caps.
Welded Commercial Steel Bar Fencing and Gates
steel plate cladding loading docks commercial industrial
Custom Commercial/Industrial Iron Works and Steel Fabrication
expanded metal security door tube steel frame
Expanded Metal Security
solid rolldown gate enclosure
Rolldown Gates and Coiling Doors
Galvanized grating fabrications
Galvanized Grating Fabrications
shop steel drawings fabrication plans
Shop Drawings in House

Steel Fabrication Shop – Queens, New York

Our steel fabrication shop is ready to provide your Queens business with any type of custom metal fabrication that you may need. From steel fences to fixed roof access ladders to parapet roof railings, you can count on us to deliver quality work for you commercial or industrial business.

Queens Custom Iron Works

Steel Fabricators Queens New YorkAs a leading manufacturer of custom iron works in Queens, Steelmasters serves commercial businesses, hospitals, factories, stores, industrial businesses, apartment complexes, government buildings and other large commercial and institutional properties. Steel fabrication requires skilled welders with years of experience.  Our team can take raw components and transform them into any usable product that your business needs. We’ve been transforming steel for over 30 years for a wide range of industrial and commercial businesses. We serve customers throughout the state of New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island and the surrounding neighborhoods. We are a commercial building specialist and have successfully completed thousands of various private and public sector projects across New York.  So whether you’re a general contractor seeking to replace a commercial steel staircase, a real estate management company looking to fabricate and install a fixed roof safety ladder with safety cage for roof access, we are your go-to iron works & steel fabricator.  Get in touch with us today and schedule your commercial steel estimate for your next project.

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