Your Local Steel Fabricators in NYC

Your Local Steel Fabricators in NYCSteel Masters NYC is a professional steel fabrication and installation company which specializes in commercial steel fabrication projects. We have literally completed thousands of jobs for clients in both the public and private sector, and on jobs which ranged anywhere from small to enormous. We’ve established a reputation for tremendous professionalism, promptness, and high quality of workmanship, and that has allowed us to become one of the most frequently recommended commercial steel fabricators in the New York City area. We serve customers throughout the state of New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Our Customers in NYC

Over the years since 1972, we have delivered high-quality steel structures and installation services for virtually every type of industry imaginable. Some of our commercial customers include hospitals, industrial businesses, stores, factories, government buildings, apartment complexes, and a great many other large commercial properties. Regardless of what industry you may be affiliated with, we have probably done some high-quality work for customers in your field, so don’t hesitate to contact them to obtain references about the high standards of workmanship and professionalism that we have delivered in the past.

Our Metal Fabrication Services

We have a number of very talented individuals on our staff, and that has allowed us to design, manufacture, and install a huge variety of commercial steel structures for our clients in the New York Metro area and beyond. A sampling of some of the structures we have created for clients include steel and metal staircases, steel catwalks and mezzanines, steel and metal guardrails, galvanized gratings, structural steel fabrication, parapet roof railings, fixed roof access ladders, solid steel window guards, security burglar bars, commercial solid steel fences, commercial custom steel fences, and tree pit guards. Our talents for metal fabrication are not limited to these structures, and we can customize any kind of metal or steel structure to your specifications. Contact us at your most favorable opportunity so we can discuss the requirements of any metal or steel structure you need fabricated and installed.

Areas of Speciality Include Steel, Metal & Iron

While it’s true that we specialize in steel fabrication, metal fabrication, and iron works, within those three broad areas there is a whole world of possibilities which we can provide to our customers. Our staff members are highly skilled at all the functions related to these three major areas, including such specific skills as welding, designing, shaping, and ultimately the installation of any product we manufacture. Since 1972 we have specialized in these major areas related to metal fabrication, and we have been providing outstanding customer service to all our clients for that same period of time. When you work with us on your next project, you’ll discover how reliable and how professional our team is, and we feel that you won’t want to work with any other company.

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